Golf Trip Router

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What Does Golf Trip Router (GTR) Do ?

    Golf Trip Router is meant to be used as a golfing road trip router. Give a number of courses you want to visit on your road trip and GTR will calculate an efficient route between all the courses

  2. Is GTR calculating the perfect route ?

    No, the trip will be a good solution but not always the best. GTR is a variant of a famous problem known as the Traveling Salesman problem. Solving these types of problems exactly is very computationally intensive, so we use an approximate algorithm that is faster, but may not yield a perfect soution. However, rest assured; the approximate solution is pretty good as a rule

  3. What courses are available from which to build a trip ?

    The free version you see when not subscribed and logged in contains courses that are considered to be among the best public courses in the continental US (There are some great public courses in Hawaii, but it's a tough drive there).

  4. What if I want to build routes with additional or different courses from the ones listed ?

    You have two options here.

    1. If you think we've simply overlooked a great public course, drop us a note and if we agree, we can add it to the available courses in the free tool.
    2. If you want to add a number of courses for a specific purpose (say you are a golf travel planner in a state and want to regularly build trips in your state using all golf courses), a subscription will allow you to have your own roster of courses to build from (up to a current limit of 100). Note these do not all have to be public courses, but you're on your own getting into a private course. It's a reverse Field of Dreams: we can build it, but that doesn't mean you can come.

  5. How were the PreDefined Trips chosen ?

    We made an attempt to define natural groupings that we thought people might be interested in and that had varied courses. If you think of a grouping you think might be popular that we missed, let us know and we may consider adding it. Also realize that any trip in the Predefined can be replicated in the Build Your Trip section, so you can also just Build a trip if you don't see one you like previously defined.

  6. Where do I stay on my trip?

    That's up to you. GTR is meant to provide you with a route, not create a detailed itinerary.

  7. Where do the routes between 2 courses come from?

    The routes are calculated from standard mapping and routing sites. While we are not attempting to provide turn by turn directions, be assured that the route and distance shown was actually calculated as a driving route between the two courses